Excuses, Excuses

So sorry for not writing this past week. With school coming to an end, everything seems to be coming to a close all at once. School projects, exams, and including the end of deadlines I have to make while blogging. In the past, I’ve had a problem with remembering to blog without specific deadlines that I had to meet. In this case, I’m going to try to fix that problem. With this tough, things will slowly change around here. What does that mean exactly though? It means that things will become slightly more superficial in a way. On the personal side, more DIY projects, recipes, events I went to, books read, etc. I love the community and that means immersing yourself in its culture and lifestyle and attending local events. Of course, I will still talk about the benefits of the community in these blogs plus other posts I have. On the professional side, I want to focus more on different tutorials for computers, things I’m trying out, and what projects I’m working on right now to give on hands on experience. For both of these, I want to dive into the art of doing “vlogs”, which if you don’t know what that is, is video blogging. I want to do more tutorials by showing step by step how to complete things.

I promise this won’t be some ditched out blog again and will continue to grow and expand after every post. Hopefully, you continue to read this and don’t hesitate to leave comments below.

Have any suggestions of what you want to see on my blog? Comment below. 


So You’re Moving

moving111Moving can be hard on its own and its something that I’m definitely not used to. In my life, I have only moved from one state to a state right next door and this was when I was a baby. Besides that, I have moved across town, to the dorms, and then to a couple houses in the same neighborhood. Moving is not something that I have experience with. Now, with graduation upon me, I have been looking at my options of what to do after this next month. I could stay in Reno and move later on or I could move to a different state. As I’ve never moved to a new state, it, of course, makes me nervous to leave Reno behind. The familiar city is comforting and the fact that I live my family is nice as well. I  know its time to move on but there are some steps and tips that can be looked at first. The biggest one that I’ve found was to get a feel for where you are moving to, meet new people, and even get involved in groups that you would want to be a part of after moving.

When researching about the city or town you are moving to search for any groups that are in the area that have the same interests as you. For example, I love books and want to get involved in a book club. Just simply Google something like “book clubs in Seattle” and see what comes up. After Googling this, I found this page on meetup.com that gives a list of book clubs in the area. It’s simple and you can connect with the group before moving. Just mention that you are moving there and would love to get information and to keep in contact until you can go to your first meeting.

It’s hard to find friends in places you move to. There are many different groups you can utilize if they are available to you in the area. Take advantage of family, if you are moving due to a job transfer make contact with them, and if you have friends in the area most definitely keep them in contact.

Finally, what about places that you want to go. Simply use Yelp to look up places to go and things to see.

What are some tips you would suggest when moving? Comment below because it would definitely be nice to know some! 

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Let’s Blog

blog-3Businesses should relate to their customers in ways that show that they are all human as well. There are ways to do this through paths that have been spoken about on here. Some ways to reach out to the public is through social media, public events, and writing blogs to help with products, company events and milestones, and things that take place in the employees’ lives.

Let’s take a look at Microsoft. They have a blog that talks about the new things that are happening at the company including product development and product updates. Having the up-to-date information on the company and the product updates give a inside look at the company for those that read the blog.

There are other types of businesses that can, should, and have utilized blogging as a form of communication with customers. One type of business is the publication industry. Wired Magazine has a section of their website dedicated to a list of blogs that are written by employees of the company. Not only do they place articles on their website and in their magazine but they also publicize the personal writings of their own writers, editors, and employees. This gives customers a better connection with the employees of Wired Magazine and a personal touch to the company.

Many companies find free-lance bloggers for their websites. It’s easy to look up blogs in specific topics and its not hard to write for business and companies. If you want to get into freelance blogging at all, check out this article with tips and a how-to to start getting ready.

Have you gotten into freelance blogging? Have you found a company that blogs that you feel connected with?

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A Little Help From My Friends

907377_579445602075033_1012501577_nThe community is a source to utilize for many reasons but it all comes down to one group of people. Friends are the core ‘community’ that everyone starts out with and then expands from as they grow. These group of people have become a significant part of my community as of late so I feel that it is needed to go over. Friends seems to be glossed over in the community and they are the main people that people should look to for any help.

Lately, I feel that I have had the necessity to look towards my friends in different situations. I have learned that it’s important to look towards friends instead of keeping things inside of one’s self and dealing it with yourself. This has been something that I have learned even more this past few weeks with me going to friends for help and friends coming to me for friends.

Make sure that you keep up with your friends from the past through Facebook or through your high school’s website if they keep track of where high school alumni are. It’s important to stay with them because who knows what you need later on in life. You can make friends in different places and who knows who you will rely on later in life. I have found friends through school, through other connections, through roleplay, or through organizations.

Truthfully, this is just an honest post that is me ready to take a break real quick tonight and just pay homage to all my friends and say thank you. Lately, I have realized that I rely on my friends greatly and it should be noticed and should be recognized. There has been a lot of things that I have needed my friends for many different things and I know that every person relies on their friends in some way or another. So, thank you to all my friends for being my closest circle of my community. You are fantastic.

Have you thanked your friends lately for being around for you? How have you helped your friends lately?

System Analysis In…

We’re going to start a discussion about how systems analysis work in different areas. Now, I’m only scraping the surface and I will admit that I don’t know everything that it takes to be a systems analysis but these tools, scenarios, and tips are just some things that I have learned during the beginning stages of my career. Today, we’re going to start with systems analysis in universities/colleges.

CaptureInformation systems is an important component to universities no matter where they are located. A university needs to have the right system, the right programs, the right social media platforms, and the right amount and right location for student and employee use. It’s very important to have this figured out right away if not already or when a college is just opening up. The following is a list of the different areas to look over when looking for systems analysis. Please remember these are my own recommendations from analysis.

Systems – It is important to have different platforms for different uses. For my example in this blog, I will use my own campus, University of Nevada, Reno. There are different uses that students and professors and faculty need which require different computer systems. I have seen my University have Windows, Apple, and connections to remote desktops of other systems. There is also the availability of Linux. For more information about different systems, check out my past blog post The Systems.

Programs – There are so many platforms for so many different majors in a college and university. Make sure that you look at what the professors want to teach in their classes. Afterwards, compile a list of all the programs. In the example of UNR, there are programs that are loaded on the College of Business lab computers but not in the library while there are some programs installed in the library’s computer labs that may not be found in another spot of the campus. It is important to have the programs available where the students that need it the most will be most of the time. This strategy will work out well. If the program is needed for students on their own desktops or laptops, it should be looked into about having a discount on programs or a limited time where the program will be free for students if they are currently in the class that needs to the program.

Social Media – A college and university needs to have an outreach program to incoming and current students and alumni along with those in the community interested in staying current with the school. Having the right social media platforms is important as there are specific ones where people are looking at. Some of these would be Facebook, Twitter, RateMyProfessor.com, LinkedIn, and even YouTube. These links follow along with our example of all the social media platforms that UNR is currently on. These five social media platforms are not the only platforms that a college or university should limit themselves to. It should be looked into to be able to find where their audience is at so to expand their influence on the Internet.

Amount and Location – A final thing to look into is where computers should be placed and how many should be placed. There should be computers available for students at spots that have a good traffic flow and need. For an example, there is a computer lab in the Knowledge Center and in the College of Business on the UNR campus. The traffic flow should be looked at as well to decide on the amount of computers in the designated areas. Make sure that there are enough computers to be used and enough area so not to be packed together in an uncomfortable area.

Is the computer analysis good at your university or college? What could improve there? Comment below for a discussion. 

Go Travel

IMG_0088Community is big but it can get bigger. I believe that traveling is a big component of helping your community. You can get new ideas, new culture, and an outside perspective that could help your community.

This past weekend, I came up North to visit Seattle, Washington. Just looking around the city seemed to give me new energy and a new perspective on the places around me. I am definitely a city girl and love to visit new ones and just walk around and get absolutely lost in my fascination. I do the same thing with San Francisco as well every time I go there. There is always something new there.


In my eyes, traveling to new places allows for people to grow their views on culture and the way people are in different places. It also gives new ideas for helping another city or town or person really to grow into something new that is always changing. When I travel, I like to wander around on my own and see the things I want to see. Of course, if it’s your first time somewhere, go and be a tourist. For example, in Seattle, go see the Space Needle or in San Francisco, check out the Golden Gate Bridge.

To be honest, I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to travel. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like people that don’t like to, though. I believe that the world is beautiful and everyone should get a chance to see it for themselves instead of in a picture or on the television screen.  Exploring is the way that a community grows. Not just through exploring while traveling but exploring new possibilities and changes along the way.


Where have you traveled and have you learned from your experiences? Has it helped you view your local community differently?

Let’s Network

3bd653325fa2e2b1e3d63181db592b9aIt is important to be able to network around with associates, people in your field of business, and people that could help with you any part of your life. I have learned through my usage of the internet and other various business activities, that networking with others is very important and that it is one of those pass times that I do enjoy. This post may be a little different but I enjoy it and it’s something that can still be used online. Everyone networks in many different mediums. Online, at events, on the street, in meetings, and so many more forums. Here, I will be talking about two forums that I was just involved with this past two weeks.

The first event is the Third Annual Build Your Network For Success  event that Delta Sigma Pi put on at the Student Union in Reno. We networked with those at our tables, which were both students and professionals, over a nice dinner. Afterwards, there was a panel of professionals invited to the stage for a question and answer session between the students and the professionals. There was also a keynote speaker, Mark Babbitt, CEO and founder of YouTern. While not fully participatory, I was a part of the event by helping to run the Twitter feed that the questions were posted on and later displayed during the panel’s allotted time. From this, I personally spoke with Babbitt and made connections with other member’s of the panel.

The other event I was a part of was the Enactus Regional Competition yesterday in Seattle, Washington. During the time that our team was not giving a presentation about our projects, we networked with professionals and other teams from around the country. There was a career fair with businesses like AT&T, Home Depot, PepsiCo, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, and many others. It’s important to talk to these people and get as much information as possible about the company and what sort of positions they are looking for. Besides the job fair, there was also a luncheon where members of Enactus and the professionals sat together and discussed a specific topic while also learning about each other. I absolutely love the discussions that are had and the views of other people that aren’t from my own field in business or region of the country.

Of course, as a reminder, make sure that you follow up with anyone that gave you a business card to say thank you and to keep on contact with them. That always leads to important and sustaining relationships with people that could easily help you in the future.

How do you network? Do you feel that networking is an important component to the business world?


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Land of Fields

I’m going to get a bit personal with this community post here. I feel that I haven’t done it for a while and it’s about time. When I was still in high school, my family bought property out in North Central Nevada. It’s in a small valley outside of Winnemucca, Nevada and close to the border Oregon called Kings River.

Camera 360 Now, it may seem like a small valley for just something that you might not even know about but don’t worry, there’s a strong community there. The scenery…is beyond beautiful and it’s always a surprise to me when I dip down from the winding mountain road into the valley full of alfalfa fields and sagebrush that is filled with wildlife. I’ve never seen a valley so green in Nevada that was so beautiful.

The people in the area farm together, live together, and hunt together. The farms are sustainable and bring revenue to the valley. There is even a hunting lodge and trailer areas for those that live there year around or during hunting season.

A community like this is very important in the rural areas of the world. In the years that I have visited there to go hunting and four-wheeling with my family, I have managed to see how much of a community this area has and how it has impacted the Valley. The community has become so sustainable that it is rare for the inhabitants to have to come into Winnemucca for supplies unless absolutely necessary. They even have a Facebook location!

There are areas all over the world that have an impact that is amazing like this to people. I didn’t think I liked the area when I was younger but now after growing up, I see the beauty of the area and how significant the community is to the area.

Do you have a favorite place that’s surprisingly beautiful? How is the community there? Comment below. (I love new places!)

Learn a Language

images (1)Earlier in this blog, I had talked about the different languages that are important when making a website. I had given different tips and tricks on how to write in HTML specifically that I have found useful in my time. What about other places to learn different languages besides w3schools.com and what about other languages? The following is a list of websites that I have found that will help with HTML and PHP, and Visual Basic. Currently, I’ve found that, now that I’m looking for a job after graduation, I’m going to be needing to brush up on my coding skills and have even begun to use these websites myself.


  • Net Tuts+ – This website is completely free had has daily videos for 30 days to learn HTML5. You only need to take out ten to fifteen minutes out of each day for a month to learn the language. This is something I started a few days ago and it has definitely already taught me a few small things that I had glossed over in previous lessons and have been reminded of many things that I’ve become rusty on. These lessons also include learning about CSS as well which is fundamental when it comes to HTML5.
  • Learn HTML in 20 Minutes – This site is perfect if you just are looking for a code when your working on a webpage or if you want to get to know specific codes for specific aspects of the webpage you want to create.


  • Net Tuts+ – I have started to learn PHP better using this site and I think it’s helpful. It has a clean introduction and it’s easy to follow. It may seem like they gloss over some stuff in the sections and steps to learn PHP but there is a link that will take you to learning the fundamentals for beginners.
  • About.com – While I don’t normally like to use about.com, it is still very helpful. This article gives some beginning steps for PHP and then adds links to their highly recommended pages to learn about PHP as well.

Visual Basic

  • About.com – Once again, this is another page I’m not too fond of using but it does have decent advice and articles about the subject
  • Visual Basic is solidly a Microsoft product. In my schooling, I took an entire semester on the subject and used this book. I believe that the book is very helpful and anyone that is learning VB can get through the book and be able to use the information given completely.

What other sites are found to learn this languages? Are there any specific ways you learned? Comment below. 

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What Social Media Does Part 2

Before, we had talked about the community in social media and why we use certain social media platforms. Now, we shall begin to speak about specific social media groups besides the two that we talked about before: Facebook and Roleplayer.me. Now, let’s begin!

pinterest-1345141049_600First on our list is Pinterest. The community on the website is willing to give and share different crafts, clothes, items, and really anything on the website. This site has been deemed a website for mostly women to share things to other women that could help them in any way possible. I use Pinterest for the same reason most other people use the website. You can ‘Pin’ what you find on Pinterest or online to one of your ‘boards’. I think that it gives a new way of community for people. I have seen many different uses of Pintererst. I have seen people post their blogs online, post the crafts that they make, sales on items at your business, places that you have gone to, wedding photos, and many other things.

mzl.taqswtih.175x175-75My next website in social media is Goodreads. This site possibly the single most important community website when it comes to books. This site has authors discussing and promoting their new books, reviews on books, a way to organize your books, and have the ability to find new books to read. There are book clubs on here and other groups for people to get together and talk about the books they are reading, what is happening in their lives, and the common things in their lives. Not only are you joining a community of avid book lovers but you can also join any of the groups that hold other common interests as those other members of Goodreads.

As I hope that this will be a series, we will go over two more social media reviews later on. I believe social media is important for the community online and in your city/town/whatever you have it. I hope that this series will help someone find their niche online and can find a community of people that have interests like those that each person has.

Photo Credit: Pinterest | Goodreads

What social media sites do you use that is niche like? Comment below with an answer.