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Why is website design and social media so important?

Connect with your customers and number 1 sales-rep.

Note: This was for a current event for school and I wanted to share it

Many businesses today are in need of a good website and social networking. The consumers of today use the internet to rate companies, buy products, and find companies for services. Yes, not every company needs a website. Most small businesses have the community to rely on and local resources to use. Businesses that are looking to go global and grow outside of their community use the internet to connect with customers outside of their sphere of local connections.

Businesses need to create a website that is valuable to customers. According to the article Who’s your best sales rep? Probably Google, might as well be a company’s number one sales rep on the internet. This will create an online presence and help get the company’s name out into the world. A company needs to at least look at certain aspects while creating their website. They need to know what their employees want and need from them. They can’t have a website that is fully loaded with unwanted material and Flash images and videos. Some mistakes for building a website are below. It is important to have a team work on the company’s website that knows how to spin the web into how the customers wish to see things.

  • Avoid complicated web design – not a lot of bells and whistles
  • Avoid overflowing content – people leave sites quickly, don’t put in large text lengths and overcrowd information
  • Don’t look like your competitors – It’s better to stand out and be unique
  • Don’t build it, and wait for people to come to your site – Get involved in social media and write comments voicing your opinions as well and send people to your other material

(Four Common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid)

Along with the website, a company can use the social networking tools that are found online to connect with many different customers. Google+ has created social networking tools that are business savvy. Some of these features are private sharing, video integration, and administrative control. More and more social networking tools in the internet are realizing how vital they are to the businesses world. Business guru, Gavin Baker has given the following advice to businesses in regards to social media:

  • “Post once a day, but quickly respond if anyone asks a question or makes a comment to you.”
  • “Designate an employee to handle all posting.”
  • “Sit down and create a calendar, and write 30 days’ worth of content.”
  • “Be careful about political or negative comments.”
  • “Don’t always talk about yourself.”

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