A Heart in Business

For those that have read my blog before today, you can probably deduct that I am once again changing around my blog as I have done multiple times since I began blogging. For those that are just starting to read now, welcome! Hopefully this shall be the last and final time that I completely change around my blog as I have finally be driven in the right direction of what exactly I want to do with this blog.

My love for community service has grown and evolved over the years. Now, it includes community service in the business world and in my personal life. Most people view community service as helping in soup kitchens, cleaning up trash, etc. but I view it in a different light. Through my experience I have learned that community service is also about helping businesses be self-sufficient and help the local economy. Community service is also about being a part of the local community. I have meshed these two together to create my brand that I believe embodies what my message about my beliefs is.

Now you may be asking, What exactly is her purpose for this blog now? This blog is a mix of personal posts to add to the local melting pot and professional posts that can potentially help businesses that are local or attempting growth or are looking to be self-sustaining with help in the IT department. The blog shall be laid out in different categories such as professional posts or personal posts. You may click on the category you want to view on the left hand side. There will also be times when I post a set of professional series on a certain topic that seems to be of interest to my readers.


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