A Family At Last

I have always been a family person. My family is very close knit and loves to do things with one another. We’re also a very creative bunch as well. When I turned 17 (four years ago), I was added to another family, bringing in another group of people to add to those I grew up with. No, I did not get married. I found the family that put me up for adoption. After this, family became even more important to me.

PicMonkey Collage

Adoptive family (L), Birth Family (R)

Growing up, I always was one of those people that fantasized about what my birth family was like. I was influenced a lot by what I was watching or what I was daydreaming about for that week or month. For example, I definitely had moments of belief that I was a family member of the Halliwell family from CharmedI had also dreams of going on shows like The Maury Show where they did all the work for me. Later, I found out that the same ideas had gone through the mind of my older brother.

If you look around, there are many ways of finding information about the family that put a child up for adoption. There are shows like The Moury Show, Oprah, The Tyra Banks Show, THE Locator etc. If the family went through an adoption agency and they decided to allow to be found later on, the agency will keep the file for reference later. Lately, a large burst of innovation has cropped up. People have been using social media, like Facebook, posting pictures with the information that they know about their birth parents. One example would be Jenessa Simons who found her birth mother shortly after placing the photo as her profile picture and sharing it out. After the discover, she changed her profile to help others that were put up for adoption to find their families as well or even help those that placed their child up for adoption. There are also like pages on Facebook such as Help Me Find My Birth Parents. On this note, please be careful what you post as it can lead to identity thieves using this information or people scamming on a moment that you’ve probably been waiting for since the day you were told you were adopted.

Whether it be online, through a television show, or an agency, the community can always be a source of finding what you are looking for. In my case and in many others, it is the search of the family that I’ve been waiting for to meet for years. [Don’t get me wrong, I love my family that I’ve grown up with than no other.] Don’t be afraid to ask for help with the things you want. There’s always someone that’s a part of the community that can be a source of help. This is the biggest way that the community has helped me.

How have you found the community helpful when in search of something? Looking for your family now as well? Comment below.


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