Local Community Service

I have spent my years in college getting very acquainted with community service. I’ve found that it’s a passion of mine and no matter where I go or what I’m doing I plan to get involved with something. It’s my own type of saving grace. Sometimes it isn’t easy to find community service groups around the area though. So, here are some local groups that I have worked with or have heard of that are amazing and do great things!

Junior Achievement: This is an organization that is incredible! I first met Bill Heitman back in 2010 when Students in Free Enterprise UNR got involved with the organization. He’s done amazing work with Junior Achievement of Northern Nevada and he is a fantastic guy in general! I love the idea of being able to go into classrooms and speak with children about financial literacy in a way that they understand it and doesn’t bore them. There’s always an activity for them to do each week and it’s a great experience to interact with them. I’ve learned more about financial literacy that I know I’ve forgotten since my days in JA and learned how to interact better with the children. Of course, it’s not just for elementary students but for any grade until Senior (12th) year in high school. Junior Achievement is in all parts of the country and is always looking for volunteers and donors.

  • Address: 1005 Terminal Way Reno, NV.
  • Phone Number: 775-323-8084

Food Bank: The Food Bank has always been the go-to place for community service. They are lucky to have so many people willing to volunteer to help with delivering, storing, and handing out the food they receive and give out. I’ve worked with them in high school and in college with Students in Free Enterprise and Delta Sigma Pi. They always seem to have something going on and definitely take large groups that are looking to get in some hours or looking to give a helping hand.

  • Address: 550 Italy Drive, McCarren, NV.
  • Phone Number: 775-331-3663

SPCA and Nevada Humane Society: They are always up for adoption programs and any volunteer help at location or any of the events they hold. Definitely make sure to check out if they have any events going on in the local area.

  • Address: (SPCA) 4950 Spectrum Way Reno, NV. (NHS) 2825 Longley Ln. Reno, NV.
  • Phone Number: (SPCA) 775-324-7773 (NHS) 775-856-2000

Children’s Cabinet: There are many families that are looking for support in the community. The Children’s Cabinet offers services and resources to help children and their families. They accept donations of food and clothing and support to the organization. Currently, I’m working closely with them through Enactus and they are a fantastic organization to work with.

  • Address: 1090 South Rock Blvd. Reno, NV.
  • Phone Number: 775-856-6200

Enactus: Of course, I’m going to talk about Enactus! If you are interested and are a student at UNR or TMCC, check out the organization Enactus (was Students in Free Enterprise). This is a world-wide organization that is looking to make a change in the world. We help people so they can help themselves later on with the skills and support we give to them. While a business organization, it is so much more and it’s really a lifestyle. I could truly talk about this organization for ever. Enactus stands for Entrepreneurial • Action • Us.

Circle K: This is another big group on campus that can be found on many other campuses. They do some great work and are always looking for more. While I haven’t personally been involved with Circle K, I know many people that have been and come out with some great experiences and have changed from it all. Just like Enactus, they are in to change the world and Circle K is doing that.

While this is not even close to all of the community service organizations in the Reno-Sparks area, it is at least a start. Every single one has had a hand with bettering the community and continues to do so each and every day.

Comment below with any other community service organizations you know of in the Reno-Sparks area.


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