I think to be personally involved with the community you don’t just look at them for help but you give to the community as well. You can give in big ways and small. For this article, it is small but it still can help. I made these blankets for my family for Christmas and am so glad I found the article on Custom Scrapbook Maker. It was an inexpensive and personal gift for my family. Joann fabric and craft store has inexpensive and very comfy fabric as well. I got a fantastic deal on their blizzard fleece. So this is me, sharing a great idea to the community. You can make them for people you know personally or make them and send them to an organization that gives clothes and blankets to those people in need!


blanketsFor an infant/toddler blanket – use 1 to 1 1/2 yards (for each side)  [I used a yard]
For a child blanket – use 1 3/4 yards (for each side)
For an adult – use 2 yards (for each side)

What you need:

  • The two pieces of fleece should be the same size. Pieces may be the same pattern (which is what I used), two different patterns, two plain colors or a pattern on one side and a plain color on the other.
  • Scissors or rotary cutter (will need cutting board for rotary cutter) Tape measure or ruler
  • A 4″ x 4″ piece and 1″ X 4″ of paper [I cut a piece from a cardboard box]


  • Take your two pieces of fleece. Put one piece on top of the other lining up the edges so they are even. (One side will be the front and the other side will be the back )
  • Trim off any selvage around the edges of your fleece. ( Cut as straight as possible, but remember, these blankets are forgiving!) [I used sharp scissors and it is okay if they aren’t completely edged with each other equally. One of the sides can be a little bit longer than the other.]
  • Find your 4″x4″ paper and lay it on the corner of your blanket. Then cut out the corner through both layers. Do this to all four corners.
  • Time to make the fringes. Cut 4 inches into both fleeces at 1″ wide. it is easiest to lay the tape measure or ruler across from the corner of the cut out from one corner to the other. The fringes don’t have to be exactly 1″, but keep them close to that.
  • Proceed to cut 1″ intervals on all four sides.
  • Starting on one side, start tying your knots (using one fringe from each fleece). Tie knots on every other fringe around the entire blanket. [If you pay attention, there is a way to choose which side of the fleece can go onto the top of the knot and then on the bottom. I think it’s cool to make them into a pattern. I only knotted it once for the grown-ups, but the children got double knots]
  • Turn the whole blanket over and tie the remaining fringes into knots until your blanket is finished. [I did all the knots at the same side instead of flipping the blanket over. It made it easier to not skip over any of the knots to be made]

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