A Bus-What?

With graduation coming up, I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do for work. I’ve always had an interest in the computer world. I started working with HTML back when MySpace was the hottest thing around. Simply learning to code a page with an overlay and making it look amazing could begin a fire in someone that is kept lit for the rest of life….or at least for me. I’ll admit to even still itching to get my hands on some of that code and messing around and adding pictures and text areas to create a very awesome end result. When I got to college I thought about majoring in something else but Information Systems was calling and I allowed to be taken away by it like a child following the Pied Piper. Granted…nothing bad happens in the end. So, what exactly have I decided to do with my life? I’ve thought long and hard on this question and after three and a half grueling years of mulling over the question, I believe I have finally decided. Business Analyst.

By definition, business analysis is “the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.” Just like my favorite motto, a business analyst helps businesses help themselves. Now this may not sound like IT work but I promise it is. IT business analysts are becoming the hottest thing in the IT world right now. Money Magazine has rated IT business analyst one of the country’s top 12 jobs to pursue. According to Computer World, analysts want variety. This means they want multiple projects to work on rather than working on an exclusive program. It also means that there should be a variety of people that will be the end-users for the programs that are being created. In the end, analysts deliver perspective into what the business needs, wants, and can do.

analysisAccording to the figure, these are the steps of how to start and grow as a business analyst according to The Business Analysis Blog. They say that it is in fact harder than expected to become a good BA and to have that ability to mentor others that are where you are….well now. Shadowing a BA will help clarify any questions while on the job and to inspire your interest. Next, perform in the project you are currently working on. There’s nothing wrong with getting started right away . Next is to be a junior BA in a new project. It’s good to get those projects under your belt. The more projects you do, the more roles you take over and can understand for the next round of projects. Next, be the top business analyst for another project to challenge yourself. Finally, begin to mentor others as you move up to senior business analyst. Give people that spark that your mentor instilled in you.

Bridging the Gap has the five steps for becoming a Business Analyst.

  1. Learn about business analysis and confirm your career choice
  2. Identify your transferable skills and leverage points to develop your positioning
  3. Get tangible feedback by putting out feelers
  4. Approach your work with a BA mindset and strengthen your positioning
  5. Focus your efforts to find your first BA opportunity

Now that you have all the job skills or at least are ready to work on them, how do you get a job as a business analyst? Make sure your resume fits what you are looking for. When giving descriptions of activities completed while at work, mention anything related to BA that you have done. Network and dig deep as well to find those BA jobs that are available at other companies. It’s surprising to see what companies actually need business analysts. More tips can be found here.

Now, this may not be helpful information for your job but it is definitely helpful. It’s helpful to see that everyone needs to do their research on the career they want. It’s also important to see that there are many people in the community with ample information about anything that will lend a hand when needed. Just make sure you research, look in the right places, and decide on your career.

Picture Source: The Business Analysis Blog

What do you want to do for a career? Have you done plenty of research to have an idea where to start and if it’s right for you?


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