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social-media-buttonsThere are always those important components to a business that groups preach about. There’s the need to advertise, the need to have community outreach; with the I.T. department and also marketing/management department, there is social media. Social media is an important and fundamental tool for a business that wants to have their brand online. While we have discussed how important it is to have a website, it is also necessary to know how important it is to have eyes in ears in social media as well. Now, this isn’t a rundown of what I have learned in my own class about social media. This is what I have learned from personal experience and a little addition to fill the gaps from class. I have always believed that social media is one of the most important tools for a business to have and have preached it to the businesses that I have helped with online work.

There are multiple websites that businesses should be located on. These include Facebook, Twitter, a blogging platform, Google, Yelp and LinkedIn plus many others. There should be a way for online customers to be able to contact the business and a way for the business to get their brand out to those customers. Social media can be used for so many different things to help a business. Customers can send private messages if there are any questions, businesses can post any promotions that are being held, customers can post up reviews about their experiences, and one of the most important uses, the business can get their name out by customers sharing their pages around.

An article for Business 2 Community has shown that social media has actually helped budgets for different businesses. Having a decent strategy for marketing your website is fundamental for success. The article also gives factors that are needed to be considered to have a positive result that can help budget your business.

  1. Prepare your social media strategy
  2. Preparing and optimizing the social profiles
  3. Content development for social media platforms
  4. Running and managing the social media campaign
  5. Monitoring the progress on the social media platform

If you aren’t good at getting social media set up, keep a look out for companies that will help out. One example is Business Breakthroughs International. They will help with different tools to help your business grow and flourish online for the world to see.

Now, say you are an individual but you have a brand that you want to promote, you can easily use these social media outlets as well in the same manner. Take these tools and turn them into what you need and can use for yourself.

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How do you interact with businesses through social media? Does social media help your business? Need any help with social media for your business or need tips and tricks, just comment below!


The Hunger Games

The-hunger-games-trilogy-1920x1200That’s right. You read the title. The Hunger Games. We all know the books and movies and we all know the story. Personally, I think the series awesome and when I was reading them, I could barely put them down. The first book alone is in 26 languages, in 38 territories, and have printed over 1 million copies. The first movie had a gross box-office success of $685 million. Obviously, this series is beyond popular and in my belief…might even get up close to the height of big-name franchises like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. My question here is, if you had the opportunity to, would you use something this big and this amazing to market and create something of your own?

You may be wondering, this is categorized in the personal section but this sounds like a professional post. What’s going on?! Don’t worry. While it has a little marketing factors involved it’s personal. Any event and product creation uses marketing some how. This is just how I have.

The University of Nevada, Reno Enactus team has partnered with Campbell’s and participated in the Let’s Can Hunger Project Partnership. We started at the beginning of the school year back in Fall and just this last semester, we have seen our participation soar to greater heights that we expected. Those that choose to participate give a pledge at the beginning of the year to 5,000+ pounds of non-perishable food/funds and donate them to a charity of the team’s choice. Our team has decided to donate our proceeds to the local Children’s Cabinet.

276854_326028290846112_1434427672_nTo be able to collect our goal, we had tabled in front of Sam’s Club for two weekends and managed to collect over 6,000 pounds of canned food! Now we have one event left to go and that’s where the Hunger Games comes in. It’s important to have a project like this get out to the public as it is very important to the community. We want the biggest participation that we can get and we used The Hunger Games to do so. We are spinning the theme of reducing hunger and reducing problems in the community to be a help to us and to help raise cans and funds for our cause. It was just our luck to be able to have such a big and well known franchise be available to us for this project. While we have our signs and our themed event (a nerf war that’s played in the same fashion as The Hunger Games) we also have commercials to pump people up for the event that are like the movies and characters portrayed in the movie and books. You can check out the teaser at least below now.

Picture Source: Mockingjay

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A Common Language

So you want to get get your business online now? First off, check out my blog post Build a Website if you are looking to get started with putting up a website for your company. If you are already passed that and ready to begin to design your page, you’ve come to the right post. As I said in the Build a Website post, I mentioned all the different platforms that can be used to create a website. Now, let’s get on the technical side. While it is important to know other languages, my personal opinion is this: everyone that is making a website should have a strong understanding of HTML.

What is HTML to begin with? It stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the main markup language for creating web pages, etc. that can be displayed on web browsers. My personal favorite for looking different codes for HTML is They have great tutorials and they show the exact code that would be needed. They also give different tools for coding as well like charts of codes to different colors you wish to use.

The following are different codes that I believe are helpful for getting started with your webpage.

Example: Shelbyisms

Emphasized Words
<i>italics</i>, <u>underline</u>, <b>Bold</b> There are also sights that use the following: <em>Italics</em>, <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Underline</span>, <strong>Bold</strong>
Example: Italics, Underline, Bold

Breaks and Paragraphs
Place the paragraphs at the beginning and end of your paragraph as shown or you can make different lines with a breakline. There is also another way to show breaks and that is by placing a horizontal line where you want it to go.
Paragraph code: <p>PARAGRAPHGOESHERE</p>
Line break: <br> or </br> or <br /> (it’s by preference and what works with the website you are using)
Horizontal line: <hr>

There are two types of lists that can be made. There are those that are numbered and those that are in bullet form. Bullet lists can be made as follows

Numbered lists are made as follows

In the end they look like this

  • Item here
  • Item there
  1. Item here
  2. Item there

Of course, there are many more things that should be learned when working with HTML. Using w3schools is a great way to know everything and a great tool for if you have any questions. There are also many books at stores like Amazon that go into detail about HTML as well. If you have a blog on WordPress you can easily practice there. Here’s how:

  1. Go to a new post page
  2. In the box where you write out the post, there is the option to either type in visual or in text. Visual allows for the user to use the formatting functions at the top of the screen or quick key on the keyboard (ex. Ctrl + b for bold). The text option allows you to code everything by hand. Here you can practice writing out your code to create your blog.
  3. After you write you post in the text tab, click the visual tab. This will now display your post in the way you have formatted it but without all the code and in the way you want it to be.

Below shows the two different tabs for a picture reference.


Have you coded in HTML? What codes have you found useful to use? Have any further questions or comments about the language comment below. 

Communal Areas

Think about the times that you go out to a location to have a meal. Envision that you are with a group of friends. Want to try something new? Well, here is something you may not have heard about. I came across this little restaurant downtown a few years ago that a friend had pointed out to me. It was Basque food which was something I had never had before. I was finally at that stage in my life where I was basquemore willing to try new things (which is completely different from when I was younger. I used to sit at the table for hours after everyone had finished, refusing to eat).   Now you must be asking, where am I going with this story? What does this have to do with the community? It has everything to do with the community actually. I finally went to the restaurant that year and have gone multiple times and it has a very unique environment. Louis’ Basque Corner Restaurant  has amazing food in good quantities, multiple courses, and most important of them all, it is in a family style seating arrangement. This means that you don’t get to see alone, secluded with your friends or by yourself. You sit at long tables with other parties that have come to eat as well. You share different courses together and you get to socialize with people in your community that you may not have known about. Now that’s a communal area. Definitely look around your town and see if you can find a family style restaurant like this. It will definitely be worth your while. If you’re in the Reno area, try the Basque Corner!

Next on the list of communal areas is an easy one but my personal favorite. Ever since I was little I have always loved to read. I was one of those people that hid under the blankets with a flashlight after bedtime and read to my heart’s content…or at least until I was so exhausted that I passed out. One of my favorite places to go was the library. Like I said, it’s an easy communal place. You find community in the ability to check books in and out whenever you wish, you can use the computers, the printers, and/or the copiers. I believe that the best part of the library is the fact that they have different events held all the time and you can socialize with people either your age or people that have the same interests in you. On the same subject of libraries, there are amazing used book stores as well anywhere. My personal favorite is a small shop in San Mateo, California called B Street Books. They sell at inexpensive prices, buy your books to sell again, have books from any subject, and it’s a quaint shop that you can spend hours in.

co-opFinally, this last year I found an amazing place in Reno. The Great Basin Community Food Co-Op is really something special. They sell natural, local, and organic foods that help people eat right and help the community thrive. Buying local really is the way to go. They have items from vegetables, tea, coffee, a wellness section, books, etc. and everything is local or natural foods just off the market. They also hold meetings for local activities and events in Reno as well!

Photo Credit – Basque Corner | Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Have you been to anywhere that’s communal like these locations? Thoughts on the locations I chose? Comment below.