The Hunger Games

The-hunger-games-trilogy-1920x1200That’s right. You read the title. The Hunger Games. We all know the books and movies and we all know the story. Personally, I think the series awesome and when I was reading them, I could barely put them down. The first book alone is in 26 languages, in 38 territories, and have printed over 1 million copies. The first movie had a gross box-office success of $685 million. Obviously, this series is beyond popular and in my belief…might even get up close to the height of big-name franchises like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. My question here is, if you had the opportunity to, would you use something this big and this amazing to market and create something of your own?

You may be wondering, this is categorized in the personal section but this sounds like a professional post. What’s going on?! Don’t worry. While it has a little marketing factors involved it’s personal. Any event and product creation uses marketing some how. This is just how I have.

The University of Nevada, Reno Enactus team has partnered with Campbell’s and participated in the Let’s Can Hunger Project Partnership. We started at the beginning of the school year back in Fall and just this last semester, we have seen our participation soar to greater heights that we expected. Those that choose to participate give a pledge at the beginning of the year to 5,000+ pounds of non-perishable food/funds and donate them to a charity of the team’s choice. Our team has decided to donate our proceeds to the local Children’s Cabinet.

276854_326028290846112_1434427672_nTo be able to collect our goal, we had tabled in front of Sam’s Club for two weekends and managed to collect over 6,000 pounds of canned food! Now we have one event left to go and that’s where the Hunger Games comes in. It’s important to have a project like this get out to the public as it is very important to the community. We want the biggest participation that we can get and we used The Hunger Games to do so. We are spinning the theme of reducing hunger and reducing problems in the community to be a help to us and to help raise cans and funds for our cause. It was just our luck to be able to have such a big and well known franchise be available to us for this project. While we have our signs and our themed event (a nerf war that’s played in the same fashion as The Hunger Games) we also have commercials to pump people up for the event that are like the movies and characters portrayed in the movie and books. You can check out the teaser at least below now.

Picture Source: Mockingjay

Want a ticket to the event? Comment below!


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