What Social Media Does

Social media can be used fr business and it can also be used for a community outlet as well. We have already discussed social media and how it can help businesses get connected with online customers in Signing On but what about as a community outlet for individuals? Now, this has been a blog post that I have been waiting for to write and I have finally decided to do so. So let’s get started….

Now, while social media is a very important component to marketing in businesses, it is a large component to individuals and community organizations. Social media can be used for getting events out into the open like Students in Free Enterprise did for the Let’s Can Hunger Games. It can also be used just to get out information about the actual organization so people can look online and see if there is interest.
There are many different social media outlets that people use to get into the community. Just to list some off there is: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Reddit, Digg, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, stumbleupon, Pinterest, Friendster, Yahoo!, Skype, AIM, and many many more. Someone is on at least one of these social media sites even if you don’t know it. If you have an email, if you have an account on something, if you post pictures…this is you being on social media. Social media outlooks is basically this: it is an online community center for people to come and gather in to share their ideas, network with new people, get out events and physical community groups and keep in touch with old friends and family.

"I use social media because..."

“I use social media because…”

Today, while writing this post I posted my own feeds in two of my social media outlets. One is Facebook and one is something that seems to be swept under the bed in embarrassment by most online social media users or really anyone that knows of the area, roleplayer.me. Now, in these posts I asked two simple questions that really are important when it comes to the use of social media. On both accounts, I asked people to comment with the end of the following sentences: “I use social media for…” and “I roleplay because…”. Why did I ask these specifically? On Facebook everyone has some other account on some other social media page whether it be email, Skype, Twitter, or what have you. Facebook has now become the central hub for all things social media as most things allow you to sign up using your Facebook account. On roleplayer.me, I asked this question because it is the question for the website. It’s one of the biggest communities online for this genre of social media and everyone is asked this question. “I roleplay because…” is the beginning of the sentence that defines why people use this website, why they do it, and why they have decided to be a part of this amazing community of writers. The pictures in this post are the responses that were received from the prompts given.

Now what about my answers to these questions? I believe that they are very important questions and, of course, I have my own opinions as well. I use social media for keeping contact with my family and friends. I use it to get my brand out to the community as well as network with people that can help me while I can help them. I use social media as an outlet on the online world. Now, I roleplay for the reasons that were given in the responses. I roleplay because it is a way out of real life and a way to get the imagination going. While it may seem nerdy, I believe that it is an amazing community with amazingly creative writers. It isn’t just writing stories either; this community was the reason that I began to start coding in the first place for profiles and it has grown into a career I am working to obtain.

"I roleplay because...."

“I roleplay because….”

Social media is an amazing tool not just in the business world and it needs to be utilized to it’s utmost potential. As shown above it can be used for community organizations, individuals, or just those that love the escape into a whole new community.

What communities are you involved in online? Finish one (or both) of the prompts yourself as well below!



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