Online Advertising

While businesses have a presence online through social media and their website, they also need to utilize other parts of the internet. To continue extending your audience outreach, it is important to have advertising out on the internet. While there are those that gloss over advertisements that are online, there are still plenty of people that notice them, click on them, and see what deals are happening at your place of business.

There are many different places that ads can be placed online and there are different ways to place up ads. There is an article that gives ten inexpensive ways to advertise your small business online. The first three that are given are the ones that I have seen the most online and that I can also agree are the most important. Here we shall go over each one.

Invest in Google AdWord

AdWordGoogle is quickly becoming the highest power of the internet. Now comes in the creation of Google AdWord. Say you go online and you go to to search something. When your results come up there are the ads on the side and then there are the ads in the tan box on the very top of the search list. These advertisements are powered by AdWord. AdWord takes what you have searched and looks through key words in the ads that they have archived on Google. It is important to have strong SEO for Google AdWord.

Try Facebook Ads

Facebook allows for businesses, organizations, and websites to place their ads on Facebook. Even though there are people that may not instantly go buy the thing that is being advertised, these ads give good publicity as many Facebook users end up liking the pages that created the ads.

Look into StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

Now, StumbleUpon is a social media platform that we haven’t really talked about. StumbleUpn is  social networking site that you can “stumble” around on the website which shows different websites that it has found based on the interests you put into your preferences. While this is an interesting way to find new websites and blogs, business can also utilize this. The rate is dependent on how many clicks actually is used in the website. StumbleUpon also gives free advertising for those websites that have received a large amount of likes as well.

You can view another article that discusses the best places online to post ads as well here.

Do you click on ads online? Does your business put up ads online and has it worked out? 


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