A Little Help From My Friends

907377_579445602075033_1012501577_nThe community is a source to utilize for many reasons but it all comes down to one group of people. Friends are the core ‘community’ that everyone starts out with and then expands from as they grow. These group of people have become a significant part of my community as of late so I feel that it is needed to go over. Friends seems to be glossed over in the community and they are the main people that people should look to for any help.

Lately, I feel that I have had the necessity to look towards my friends in different situations. I have learned that it’s important to look towards friends instead of keeping things inside of one’s self and dealing it with yourself. This has been something that I have learned even more this past few weeks with me going to friends for help and friends coming to me for friends.

Make sure that you keep up with your friends from the past through Facebook or through your high school’s website if they keep track of where high school alumni are. It’s important to stay with them because who knows what you need later on in life. You can make friends in different places and who knows who you will rely on later in life. I have found friends through school, through other connections, through roleplay, or through organizations.

Truthfully, this is just an honest post that is me ready to take a break real quick tonight and just pay homage to all my friends and say thank you. Lately, I have realized that I rely on my friends greatly and it should be noticed and should be recognized. There has been a lot of things that I have needed my friends for many different things and I know that every person relies on their friends in some way or another. So, thank you to all my friends for being my closest circle of my community. You are fantastic.

Have you thanked your friends lately for being around for you? How have you helped your friends lately?


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