Falling Behind?

Don’t Fall Behind.

It’s hard to catch up where you left off.

There is always a time when you get behind on projects that you are working on. Some of the setbacks can be minor but then some can be large and cause a hold-up and problems with the big picture of it all. I’ve come to think that this is a good project because it is a stereotype that my generation is big on the procrastinating. Now, I try not to be so bad at it but I will admit freely that I have procrastinated a lot in my time. For example, I have tried to make blogging a project many times in my life. I then procrastinate and put it off for so long that the project becomes scrapped and it falls out of my mind for good. I’ll also give the example that I have been posting blogs later and later than what I had pushed myself to do at the beginning. I had missed all last week and now I’m doing last week’s blog on the next Monday. Shame to me really. Here are some good times that can help with projects that get delayed and some articles I used to learn more to help even myself with this problem.

  • Look at the bigger picture. If you are running behind, stop looking at the individual tasks that are bogging you down and step back to see what really needs to be done in a larger scale.
  • Call for a team meeting. It’s important to make sure that everyone is on the correct page about the project. You need to make sure that your team members know what exactly their jobs are and what exactly needs to be completed so nothing gets lost in the grapevine.
  • “Keep calm and carry on.” It won’t do to panic as that will cause more problems while in haste of catching back up to where the project needs to be. There is need to keep calm and step back and breathe, putting a pause on the entire project for just a minute. It’s okay to pause; the project will still be there at the end.

Of course there are many other ways to catch up a project. It depends on the certain project and where exactly in the project things had become muddled and tasks began to fall behind.

What To Do When Your Project Is Behind Schedule


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