My Project

What am I doing first hand?

You can’t just talk the talk.

I can’t just talk about what I’ve been learning in class on here. As this session of talking about Project Management comes slowly to its end, why not talk about my own experience with Project Management. This last semester, my professor has assigned us into groups and to work on our own project for the course and it took my group a while to come up with our project. First we planned to create a social network like Facebook but specified for a demographic of students. It would be just for the members of clubs and organizations in the College of Business so to network and have that support system. Realizing it would take too long to create with so little time we changed it to what we have now. The project is called #Brotherhoodisforever and consists of bracelets saying Brotherhood is Forever and Sisterhood is Forever on them. We’ve been selling them around campus to other fraternities, sororities, athletic teams, other Delta Sigma Pi chapters, and the community. All proceeds to go the scholarship set up for a Todd Daines, a brother who passed away over the summer. So far we have raised $920 collected from those that have purchased bracelets. We are looking at exceeding our goal of $1,500 going towards the scholarship fund with these bracelets.

As our project has grown, the publicity of the bracelets has grown. Greek life has become aware and starting this weekend chapters in California and the Reno-Sparks community will grow aware of them. This project has given me reason to understand the purpose of project management and, of course, allowed for more growth in brotherhood in my life. Of course, this project is not being completed alone but as a group by Jenna Riddle, Anthony Dionisi, and fellow brother Justin Burke.

While this is not a project involved in the work force, I believe it has allowed me to be capable to talk about project management. It’s not just about learning key terms and practices in the class room but about delving in and getting your hands dirty. This project has also opened up more doors of possibility and allowed me to enjoy project management more than I was expecting. In my opinion it is because of the experience from this project. It is because it is a project that I care deeply about and think that everyone should be a part of.


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