One Too Many

Don’t Have Too Much On Your Plate.

Don’t burn out on to many things.

Those people that everyone sees every day running around wildly are what is termed as over-achievers. Lately, I myself have most definitely become a person in that category. Projects are becoming more abundant and need to start getting completed all at the same time, more projects are coming up soon that need to start being planned and then executed. When everything comes together, a project manager just needs to calm down and see how much can be taken on. Companies can divvy out the projects to managers not even sure how many each are leading already. To help students better understand, take a minute and think about homework and tests from teachers. It looks like they believe that you are only taking their class and don’t seem to understand just how many other things you have to get done for other teachers.

Now, the size of the “plate” a project manager depends on his or her work load and time they spend at work. It also depends on their skills of multi-tasking and organization. One of the ways to stay organized and managed all the different tasks for all the different projects is to have a planner available with you every minute of the day. I have my planner for homework and small meetings and then I utilize Google Calendar on my phone, tablet, internet, and computer desktop screen for large events and recurring meetings. When choosing dates to get tasks completed, organize them by the priority rank they have in the project.

Some other ways to help not have too much on a plate is by allocating tasks to project teams. That’s what they are there for. They are to take on whatever you can’t take on as well. If too many projects are stacking up on your desk, call a meeting with your boss and tell them that there is too much on your plate already and that you want a cap on how many projects to have at one time. Bosses are human and they too understand that it’s not good to take on too many projects at the same time.


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