Project Management Experience

Project Management is Everywhere.

What exactly have I done with PM?

Everyone has had a taste of what exactly project management is. When I say just a taste, I mean that, I’m sure there are many projects that didn’t follow Six Sigma and had a Project Charter or a Stakeholder’s Roster for starters. Yes, there are some projects for school that start with the teacher having each group member sign a contract promising to pull equal weight and that the final grade will be a grade that everyone gets. That is just the beginning of what project management is in the business world. What is my experience with project management though? If I’m going to write about it shouldn’t I have experience with the above mentioned documents and method?

I’ve had the projects for school that involved me working in groups and signing the contract. Take my Management 321 (Effective Business Writing) course for example. We had a large project to complete in the end that included a survey, research, and a business report. We had to come up with a schedule to follow vigorously to finish the project on time. While we did not have the normal business documents that are used in projects, we had a template for our survey and a template on how we were to set up our report at the end.

In the business world, my projects were informal and no documents were necessary. Working for small companies, many managers/owners are flexible. For a website project I have completed, I worked through emails with the managers and attended meetings to come up with new ides towards the design plans. There was no post-project presentation or documentation. In a database project, I had print-outs to go over what was completed to find changes in the data.

Currently, I have just started a semester long project for my Project Management course. My group is working to put together a forum for the College of Businesses to have a social media site dedicated just for the college’s clubs and organizations. We will be working with the documents to help with our project and follow the general guide of a project including a kick-off meeting, and progress reports.

For view some of the templates provided by PMBOK for documents visit this link here.

To share with readers, this was shown in class the other day and it was interesting to me.


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