Quality Watch

Why have quality control?

Let’s make a customer want to come back.

Products and services that companies are selling are for the customers. Yes, they make a profit but it is important to base the product/service for the customers and not on the gain for the company. When a product/service is made with care and has the best quality a customer is going to come back and want more. This is what brings the gains to the company. If the quality is terrible, the customers won’t buy the product or won’t come back after the first round. This causes loss and strife in the company. How to prevent this though?

First, when a company is being built, they must look at what their product is and if the general public will actually be willing to purchase the product. It’s important to find that first so not to start a business and have no profit what-so-ever because you make a product that not a single person will wish to purchase. An important aspect of a company is the quality control department. They are the employees that guarantee that the product is going to live up to the expectations of the customers they are selling the product to.

The strategy that I hear the most in school is Six Sigma. You can get trained for different levels such as green belt, white belt, and black belt, much like in karate. Six Sigma uses DMAIC which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. It also uses DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Verify) or DFSS (Design For Six Sigma). DMAIC is the most used technique of Six Sigma. Using this, it creates the quality control tools while the product is being created to save the trouble of having to recall or re-issue a better project in a small window than a new edition of a product usually is issues.

Check out these links to learn more about Six Sigma:
Six Sigma Certification
Six Sigma General Information


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