Land of Fields

I’m going to get a bit personal with this community post here. I feel that I haven’t done it for a while and it’s about time. When I was still in high school, my family bought property out in North Central Nevada. It’s in a small valley outside of Winnemucca, Nevada and close to the border Oregon called Kings River.

Camera 360┬áNow, it may seem like a small valley for just something that you might not even know about but don’t worry, there’s a strong community there. The scenery…is beyond beautiful and it’s always a surprise to me when I dip down from the winding mountain road into the valley full of alfalfa fields and sagebrush that is filled with wildlife. I’ve never seen a valley so green in Nevada that was so beautiful.

The people in the area farm together, live together, and hunt together. The farms are sustainable and bring revenue to the valley. There is even a hunting lodge and trailer areas for those that live there year around or during hunting season.

A community like this is very important in the rural areas of the world. In the years that I have visited there to go hunting and four-wheeling with my family, I have managed to see how much of a community this area has and how it has impacted the Valley. The community has become so sustainable that it is rare for the inhabitants to have to come into Winnemucca for supplies unless absolutely necessary. They even have a Facebook location!

There are areas all over the world that have an impact that is amazing like this to people. I didn’t think I liked the area when I was younger but now after growing up, I see the beauty of the area and how significant the community is to the area.

Do you have a favorite place that’s surprisingly beautiful? How is the community there? Comment below. (I love new places!)