Let’s Blog

blog-3Businesses should relate to their customers in ways that show that they are all human as well. There are ways to do this through paths that have been spoken about on here. Some ways to reach out to the public is through social media, public events, and writing blogs to help with products, company events and milestones, and things that take place in the employees’ lives.

Let’s take a look at Microsoft. They have a blog that talks about the new things that are happening at the company including product development and product updates. Having the up-to-date information on the company and the product updates give a inside look at the company for those that read the blog.

There are other types of businesses that can, should, and have utilized blogging as a form of communication with customers. One type of business is the publication industry. Wired Magazine has a section of their website dedicated to a list of blogs that are written by employees of the company. Not only do they place articles on their website and in their magazine but they also publicize the personal writings of their own writers, editors, and employees. This gives customers a better connection with the employees of Wired Magazine and a personal touch to the company.

Many companies find free-lance bloggers for their websites. It’s easy to look up blogs in specific topics and its not hard to write for business and companies. If you want to get into freelance blogging at all, check out this article with tips and a how-to to start getting ready.

Have you gotten into freelance blogging? Have you found a company that blogs that you feel connected with?

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