So You’re Moving

moving111Moving can be hard on its own and its something that I’m definitely not used to. In my life, I have only moved from one state to a state right next door and this was when I was a baby. Besides that, I have moved across town, to the dorms, and then to a couple houses in the same neighborhood. Moving is not something that I have experience with. Now, with graduation upon me, I have been looking at my options of what to do after this next month. I could stay in Reno and move later on or I could move to a different state. As I’ve never moved to a new state, it, of course, makes me nervous to leave Reno behind. The familiar city is comforting and the fact that I live my family is nice as well. I  know its time to move on but there are some steps and tips that can be looked at first. The biggest one that I’ve found was to get a feel for where you are moving to, meet new people, and even get involved in groups that you would want to be a part of after moving.

When researching about the city or town you are moving to search for any groups that are in the area that have the same interests as you. For example, I love books and want to get involved in a book club. Just simply Google something like “book clubs in Seattle” and see what comes up. After Googling this, I found this page on that gives a list of book clubs in the area. It’s simple and you can connect with the group before moving. Just mention that you are moving there and would love to get information and to keep in contact until you can go to your first meeting.

It’s hard to find friends in places you move to. There are many different groups you can utilize if they are available to you in the area. Take advantage of family, if you are moving due to a job transfer make contact with them, and if you have friends in the area most definitely keep them in contact.

Finally, what about places that you want to go. Simply use Yelp to look up places to go and things to see.

What are some tips you would suggest when moving? Comment below because it would definitely be nice to know some! 

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