Go Travel

IMG_0088Community is big but it can get bigger. I believe that traveling is a big component of helping your community. You can get new ideas, new culture, and an outside perspective that could help your community.

This past weekend, I came up North to visit Seattle, Washington. Just looking around the city seemed to give me new energy and a new perspective on the places around me. I am definitely a city girl and love to visit new ones and just walk around and get absolutely lost in my fascination. I do the same thing with San Francisco as well every time I go there. There is always something new there.


In my eyes, traveling to new places allows for people to grow their views on culture and the way people are in different places. It also gives new ideas for helping another city or town or person really to grow into something new that is always changing. When I travel, I like to wander around on my own and see the things I want to see. Of course, if it’s your first time somewhere, go and be a tourist. For example, in Seattle, go see the Space Needle or in San Francisco, check out the Golden Gate Bridge.

To be honest, I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to travel. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like people that don’t like to, though. I believe that the world is beautiful and everyone should get a chance to see it for themselves instead of in a picture or on the television screen.  Exploring is the way that a community grows. Not just through exploring while traveling but exploring new possibilities and changes along the way.


Where have you traveled and have you learned from your experiences? Has it helped you view your local community differently?