What Social Media Does Part 2

Before, we had talked about the community in social media and why we use certain social media platforms. Now, we shall begin to speak about specific social media groups besides the two that we talked about before: Facebook and Roleplayer.me. Now, let’s begin!

pinterest-1345141049_600First on our list is Pinterest. The community on the website is willing to give and share different crafts, clothes, items, and really anything on the website. This site has been deemed a website for mostly women to share things to other women that could help them in any way possible. I use Pinterest for the same reason most other people use the website. You can ‘Pin’ what you find on Pinterest or online to one of your ‘boards’. I think that it gives a new way of community for people. I have seen many different uses of Pintererst. I have seen people post their blogs online, post the crafts that they make, sales on items at your business, places that you have gone to, wedding photos, and many other things.

mzl.taqswtih.175x175-75My next website in social media is Goodreads. This site possibly the single most important community website when it comes to books. This site has authors discussing and promoting their new books, reviews on books, a way to organize your books, and have the ability to find new books to read. There are book clubs on here and other groups for people to get together and talk about the books they are reading, what is happening in their lives, and the common things in their lives. Not only are you joining a community of avid book lovers but you can also join any of the groups that hold other common interests as those other members of Goodreads.

As I hope that this will be a series, we will go over two more social media reviews later on. I believe social media is important for the community online and in your city/town/whatever you have it. I hope that this series will help someone find their niche online and can find a community of people that have interests like those that each person has.

Photo Credit: Pinterest | Goodreads

What social media sites do you use that is niche like? Comment below with an answer.