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images (1)Earlier in this blog, I had talked about the different languages that are important when making a website. I had given different tips and tricks on how to write in HTML specifically that I have found useful in my time. What about other places to learn different languages besides w3schools.com and what about other languages? The following is a list of websites that I have found that will help with HTML and PHP, and Visual Basic. Currently, I’ve found that, now that I’m looking for a job after graduation, I’m going to be needing to brush up on my coding skills and have even begun to use these websites myself.


  • Net Tuts+ – This website is completely free had has daily videos for 30 days to learn HTML5. You only need to take out ten to fifteen minutes out of each day for a month to learn the language. This is something I started a few days ago and it has definitely already taught me a few small things that I had glossed over in previous lessons and have been reminded of many things that I’ve become rusty on. These lessons also include learning about CSS as well which is fundamental when it comes to HTML5.
  • Learn HTML in 20 Minutes – This site is perfect if you just are looking for a code when your working on a webpage or if you want to get to know specific codes for specific aspects of the webpage you want to create.


  • Net Tuts+ – I have started to learn PHP better using this site and I think it’s helpful. It has a clean introduction and it’s easy to follow. It may seem like they gloss over some stuff in the sections and steps to learn PHP but there is a link that will take you to learning the fundamentals for beginners.
  • About.com – While I don’t normally like to use about.com, it is still very helpful. This article gives some beginning steps for PHP and then adds links to their highly recommended pages to learn about PHP as well.

Visual Basic

  • About.com – Once again, this is another page I’m not too fond of using but it does have decent advice and articles about the subject
  • Visual Basic is solidly a Microsoft product. In my schooling, I took an entire semester on the subject and used this book. I believe that the book is very helpful and anyone that is learning VB can get through the book and be able to use the information given completely.

What other sites are found to learn this languages? Are there any specific ways you learned? Comment below. 

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