Technical Help

Why do everything by hand?

Just let Microsoft do the work.

I have been finding things to write about on my blog based on what my project management class is currently learning about. Just last week, we had a lab day going through the basics of Microsoft Project 2010. I’m good at busy work and getting it done quickly and well. While I don’t mind the grunt work, I would much rather be able to put all the data into a computer program and have it generate my forms for me so I know that they are correct in every way. While we didn’t delve into the program too much, I’ve learned how to create a Gantt Chart and the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for a project. Microsoft Office is a great tool that can be used to complete so many of the documents that a project needs while in all of the phases. It also keeps everything sorted and organized and that’s more than a person can ask for. Especially if they need that organization in their lives.

While Microsoft Program is popular in the business world, there are other software programs available for project managers. Intuit has QuickBase, HP has their Project and Portfolio Management, and there are many others that can be compared.

Nowadays everything is computer-based and everyone wants everything to be formatted that way. Instead of writing out and scanning the documents needed for a project, use one of the many software programs and bypass some unnecessary steps. I know I’ll be using Microsoft Project for my projects I’m working on.


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